The worlds most loved Dog Ball.

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How does it work?

Get started with your Schnuzzle in 3 easy steps!

Ready. Scent. Go!

The starter pack contains everything you need to introduce your pet to the exciting world of Schnuzzle.

What do you get?

  • Schnuzzle ball
  • Slobber-proof carry bag
  • 6 scent discs
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Schnuzzle ball

Your ‘Schnuzzle’ is a durable, pet and child-friendly ball made from toxin-free, natural rubber.

The Carry Pouch

Schnuzzle is too much fun to leave at home. Our slobber proof carry pouch lets you take Schnuzzle and scent discs with you everywhere. Durable and machine washable.

Theme Pack

1 x box of 6 individually wrapped, unique and exciting scent discs.


A scent for every nose.

Imagine hearing music for the first time or watching a great movie. That is what your pet will experience with our scents when they play with Schnuzzle. 

What do you get?

  • Storage box
  • 12 scent discs (2 themes to choose from)
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What’s in the box?

Each scent box contains a handcrafted selection of 12 unique and exciting scent discs, individually packaged for freshness. Zero mess, zero calories. 100% Scentertainment!

Packaged for freshness

Schnuzzle scent discs are individually packaged for freshness. The microencapsulated surface is activated when inserted into your Schnuzzle or scratched. Each disc is designed to last for 7 days of play once inserted into the ball, but changing them regularly is the key to a happier healthier pet.

Layers of scent

Each disc contains a multilayered recipe of extraordinary scents, prepared by our ‘chef de scentes’. Go on, give it a scratch, what you can smell is only a fraction of the scents your dog will discover. The scent combination is listed on each packet. Decipher each code using our scent wheel to better understand what your pet is experiencing.

Endless play – A new scent everyday –

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