Family Bundle (BEST VALUE)

Our best value Family Bundle is all you need to keep your family of furry friends happy! The Family Bundle contains everything you need to introduce your pets to the exciting world of Schnuzzle. 

Schnuzzle disks are micro encapsulated with unique combinations of natural ingredients including essential oils, food flavours, natural aromas and pheromones. These recipes are designed to create unique journeys and experiences for your pet.

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What do you get?

  • 2 x Schnuzzle Start Kits
  • 2 x Scent Disk Packs
Sale price$152.99 USD

0% calories, 0% mess,

100% Scentertainment

Through collaboration with top researchers, pet behaviouralists and industry professionals, we’ve developed something completely unique and exciting for your pet. Our scent discs are far more than combinations of different and unusual smells. They are individually crafted journeys designed to trigger thought, experience and memory in a way only dogs can understand. Even when not being played with, Schnuzzle will release micro scent that will enrich your pet’s environment and enhance their cognitive functions. For your pet, scent is like a picture, a movie or a song. It’s Scentertainment.

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Family Bundle (BEST VALUE)

Sale price$152.99 USD